Virtual CFO & Operations Advisor for Coaches, Consultants & Agencies

I’m Susan Boles, and I turn small businesses like yours into tiny, profitable juggernauts.

Finances, processes and tech all work together to help your company run smoothly.

And if any one of those breaks down... you’ll struggle to make decisions from a place of intention and purpose, instead of panic.

Most people will just tell you to “hire more” or “use [insert random-piece-of-software-you’ve-never-heard-before-that-doesn’t-integrate-with-anything-you-currently-use]”.
I believe in finding better ways to manage and run your company — not just hiring more hands to help juggle the pieces.
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Using a combination of data-driven tools, processes & strategies -- both financial and operational -- I empower CEO’s to clear the day-to-day clutter clogging your vision and bloating your back end.

You’ll finally understand ALL of your numbers, and have systems that support the growth you actually want, in a way that works for you. 

Now, you can leverage what’s really working, and ditch what’s really not, to create a snowball effect of fortified foundations and massive profit. While still being able to actually have a life.

Not Rocket Finance

Real-world finance education for business owners who don't speak accountant.

Up until now, the financial world has made it really hard for you to understand what you need, and how to get it. 

That's about to change.

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Think Like A CFO

Small group coaching, designed to teach you to think about your business like a CFO would.

So you feel wildly capable about your money and you know exactly what do to with it.

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Virtual CFO

X-ray vision for inefficiencies + an eye for where systems need to be shored up = the experience to make your big picture version a reality.

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What Our Clients Say

Margo Aaron
That Seems Important
Susan makes your life easier. She is always five steps ahead, anticipating what you need, and taking things OFF your to-do list. Working with her is like working with a dream. If you have a chance to work with her DO IT. She is an absolute delight and your business will never be the same. I never knew my systems could play so well together until I hired Susan.
Pia Silva
Badass Your Brand
This has been an AMAZING experience I am SO FREAKIN THANKFUL that I found Susan. I feel completely empowered over my books and my numbers for the first time in YEARS
Jaime Campbell
Tier One Services
Not many people have this combination of accounting knowledge, technological fearlessness, and boldness to take on new projects and problems. If you have an accounting/technology issue that is too challenging for mere mortals, contact Susan right away
Chris Strompolos
Fanology Social
Susan has a very authentic way to work. No bullshit and I really appreciate that. She offers data and solutions up the way they should be offered up. This is going to work, this isn't going to work. If you do this, it's going to do this, and so black and white, really just clean information, straight to the point, it's not candy-coated.

Want to see how healthy your business actually is?

Grab my Financial Health Check worksheet and see for yourself!