How healthy are your business finances?

Hey, I'm Susan!

Data Geek.
SaaS Whisperer.
And all-around business operations expert. 

I take agencies & consultants from digital duct-tape and WD40 to smoother-than-a-Mercedes-Benz operations using a custom blend of process + tech + financial know-how.
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My philosophy is quite simple: 

I believe in finding better ways to manage and run your company -- not just hiring more hands to help juggle the pieces.

Sustainable, profitable businesses operate from a data-first mindset.

When you have a question about your business the first thing you ask should always be, ‘what does the data say?’. And then go find out. 

To get that data, your finances, processes & tech all have to work together.

Otherwise, the back-end of your business looks like a tangled heap of Christmas lights...half the bulbs are broken, some of them keep blinking, and you can’t find the end of the cord anywhere

Which means any data you do have is...not good. 
You can’t make smart, strategic decisions about your business without good data.

You won’t have good data without solid bookkeeping and up-to-date, automated systems in place. 

And once you’ve got the data, you have to figure out what it means
That's me
Your CFO is..
The person who can help you understand what the data means. I take the seemingly complex, incomprehensible slew of numbers and make them simple to understand and execute on. 

I'm also the person who can help you set up systems and automations that will help you grow -- because that’s how you get good data (also, it’s just fun). I’ll totally fangirl over the latest feature addition to Xero or ClickUp and I can go down the rabbit hole debating one accounting software over another (Xero rules, Quickbooks drools…)
That’s how I take bottlenecked, backed-up companies from tangled, manual running so smoothly no one would ever know you just spent the last 3 weeks on vacation.

If you work with me...

  • You’ll actually understand your cash flow and financial metrics
  • Your project management system will finally run the way it’s supposed to
  • You’ll use real data to help you make informed decisions about growth -- and be able to grow consciously (not just growing for the sake of growth) 
  • You’ll have a partner to help make sure you’re building a business you want to run, not one you’ll want to burn to the ground

You’ll finally be able to see that path to 2x revenue...because your company will be set up to grow without you having to work more.

Because having a life is actually kind of fun
I’ve built, researched, and implemented software and other systems for a huge variety of organizations – from the US military to major universities, small retail shops, and marketing agencies.

As a CFO for high growth companies and major universities, I’ve managed annual budgets of $100M+ and departments of 370+ people. 

In short: I know finance and operations. It’s been my entire career. 

And I have a knack for seeing through the mess to find order.

Let me help you build a business designed to grow.


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