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It's always been important to run your business efficiently.

If you want to find stability in a marketplace, and a world, that’s changing by the minute, you can’t do it with a business that’s held together by duct tape and band-aids. 

Most businesses grow on the fly, adding software and systems and team members here and there -- patching in tools “for now” because “it’ll do”. Hiring because it’s “all hands on deck” and “we need more help.”

But, over time, that becomes the foundation of your business, whether that was your plan or not. When you hack together a bunch of spur-of-the-moment decisions to fix the problem at hand, you create a business with a foundation about as strong as a house of cards. 

Your software tools, your team members, your choices about how your business should run all make up the foundation of your business. And if it’s unstable and bloated, your business will be too. Bloated businesses and systems cost more and take more time to run than simpler, streamlined ones.

Stability comes from having strong foundations. And having strong foundations and efficient systems allow you to be more profitable and more resilient and hold steady when everything is changing around you.
Hi, I'm Susan
I created the Action Plan to help small business owners shore up the foundations of their business so they can:
  • Get the biggest return for every dollar + second invested
  • Build resilience + mitigate risk
  • Run + scale their businesses efficiently

Your Action Plan will help you & your team identify how you can:

Increase Efficiency
Simplify your systems and automate away time-consuming manual tasks so that your business takes less time and staff to run.
Run Lean
Identify where you need actual human support, and where you just need clearer tools and processes. Which keeps costs low and profit high.
Save Money
Eliminate your back end bloat. Simpler systems mean more efficiency, easier operations and lower costs.
Be Resilient
More profit means a bigger financial cushion, and more efficiency means nothing comes crashing down when you hit a crisis.
Grow Your Margins
Simpler, more efficient systems & business design means more margin, both time & profit. So you can weather any storms.
Zero In On Limitations
Identify changes you could make in your business RIGHT NOW to set you up for success later on.

Your Action Plan looks at every area of your business -- not just finance, because it's all connected

Because your business (and the software you use to run it) is an ecosystem. Everything needs to work together in harmony. Otherwise, that disjointed mostly-manual mess you’re running will continue to sap your time and attention with annoying admin instead of letting you work on things that actually move the needle. 

And when your software systems run together smoothly, you get better data faster. So that you can make decisions from a place of intention and purpose, instead of panic.

Imagine getting rid of your bloated back end and having simple, efficient systems that just work...

Imagine being able to know exactly where your business is and how it’s doing with a single glance at your fully integrated system…

Imagine being able to leverage what’s really working in your business, and being able to ditch what’s actually not, so you can create a snowball effect of massive profit and market power…

That’s what having a plan of action does for your business.
Susan makes your life easier. She's always five steps ahead, anticipating what you need, and taking things OFF your to-do list. Working with her is like working with a dream. She gets projects completed ahead of schedule, never complains, never has "excuses", is incredibly responsive, and always seems to figure out how to do extremely complicated things with ease. If you have a chance to work with here DO IT. She is an absolute delight and your business will never be the same. I never knew my systems could play so well together until I hired Susan.
Pia Silva
Badass Your Brand + Worstofall Design

The Action Plan is Perfect For You If:


  • A coach or consultant with multiple income streams
  • An agency or service business with a team of less than 25

And you need to know...

  • What needs to be cut -- from software subscriptions to job positions -- for you to be more efficient and more profitable + how to cut it without sacrificing performance, profitability, or your sanity
  • What to change about your current operations to keep growing with the lowest possible overhead
  • What you need to leverage to keep growing vs. what’s standing in your you can tear it down and build something that actually works for your business and your life

Here's how it works

Get Straight to the Point with your

Action Plan
The Action Plan includes everything you need to figure out what to change and how to implement it to have a super-efficient back-end of your business.
  • Finance & Cash Flow Health Check
    A complete overview of where you stand financially -- and what you could do to improve
  • Software Blueprint & System Map
    Customized software recommendations and how they all work together
  • Operations & Team Audit 
    What’s working and what’s not -- where do you have opportunities to improve, refine or streamline your team and your operations.
  • Limitations & Opportunities Report
    What’s holding you back and where do you have some quick-win opportunities for improvements
  • Implementation Action Plan
    This is your roadmap for how to actually implement these changes, including timeline & order of operations.

Your Investment

Timeline: 1 Week
Investment: $2,500
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I love how Susan just casually throws out an incredibly magical and efficient all-around perfect solution like it's nothin'
Rachel Jordan
Founder, 929 Marketing

Running a Profitable business doesn't have to follow anyone’s rules but yours

You don’t need the huge team or the bloated systems. You can grow fast and scale while still staying small and lean, and having the life you want. 

There is no one magic framework or software that will solve all of your problems.

But the right combination of software, process & team can revolutionize your business. 

Your Action Plan will identify the day-to-day clutter clogging your vision and bloating your back end and design the foundations that support the growth you really want, in the way that works for you.

So you can leverage what’s really working, and ditch what’s really not, to create a snowball effect of massive profit and market power.
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