Cash Flow In A Crisis With Lauren Caselli

"Everything sucks at first, very few things suck forever.” – John Gorman

Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster.

Some days you’re excited, some days you’re terrified, and every day there is something new – something you’re testing, improving or changing. 

For me, this is a reminder: When you're on that roller coaster it might a day when you're heading up and it might be a day when you’re heading down. 

Things are always changing and we don’t know what tomorrow might look like.

We still don't really know how long or how impactful this whole situation will be. We have to take it day by day but it won't always be like this – things will change. 

Part of being resilient is just learning to roll with the punches. Because even if it sucks at first, it won't suck forever. 

My guest today is showing us how it's done. Lauren Caselli owns a strategic event planning and marketing firm. She coaches business and agency owners looking for more financial breathing room on how to institute rate raises and price their services appropriately – setting them up to earn more per client and feel in control of their business.

Lauren and I chat about how all the craziness around coronavirus has affected her events business. We talk about how that's impacting her cash flow and her approach to her finances and how Lauren built some great financial processes into her business that are serving her well during this time.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How to handle cash flow during a worst-case scenario
  • How COVID-19 effects events businesses and how those effects trickle down to other agencies 
  • How opportunities can reveal themselves in unconventional places
  • What kind of financial processes you can have in place to build resiliency

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