Client-Based Project Management With Execution Expert Hailey Thomas

For a service business, every single task and touchpoint – from the initial contact to the final payment – should be considered as part of the project that needs to be managed.

And you've got a lot of projects on your plate. Projects for clients, projects for your own business – there's always more stuff to do. That's the nature of running a business.

When we talk about 'project management', we're usually talking about managing an individual project. But in a service business, project management isn't just project management – it's really client management.

Outside of the scope of an individual project or service, there are a bunch of interactions and tasks that need to be handled. Like sending a contract before you start working together, on-boarding new clients and introducing them to the way you do business, or following up for a testimonial after your project is complete.

All this month on the podcast, we'll be nerding out on project management – the tools, the team members, and, today, the scope.

When it comes to managing projects in a client-focused business, you really need to think about the whole client process – beginning-to-end. If you ONLY think about the specifics of how you deliver the service, you're missing opportunities to improve upon your system and really delight your customers.

My guest today, Hailey Thomas, is the master at delighting her customers. You might remember Hailey from Episode 12, when she came on the show to talk about her Worktreat Intensives. Hailey is a business coach for online entrepreneurs and one of my very favorite friends to nerd out about project management with.

Hailey comes to each of her clients with a deep appreciation for who they are as individuals. With Hailey, client experience is built into every touchpoint. So, when I was thinking about doing an episode about project management versus client management, she was absolutely the first person I thought of.


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