Creating Consistent Scalable Income Through Revenue Sharing With Lacey Sites

The messages we get about scaling a service business are pretty one-note.

We’re told that we can’t scale a service business profitably and sustainably while sticking to a one-to-one service delivery model.

We're told to do a bit of client work, spin that into a few digital courses or membership groups, and then sit back and let the money roll on it.

But this isn’t a great fit for everyone. And it’s just not how many of us want to run our businesses.

So, what else is out there?

My guest today, Lacey Sites, uses a revenue-sharing pricing structure that allows her to scale her one-on-one coaching business without adding more clients all while still dramatically growing her profits.

This unique model allows her to double down on her investment in each client, create pricing structures that build trust and longterm partnerships, and then, when their work with her pays off, reap the rewards.  

On today’s episode:

  • How Lacey’s unique pricing/compensation structure actually works in her business
  • What prompted her to make the change to the revenue sharing structure in the first place
  • What kinds of challenges she has run into transitioning from a typical pricing model
  • How this change to revenue sharing has impacted her existing clients
  • How it has allowed her to keep working 1-1 with clients while still growing her revenue
  • What kind of impact the new approach had on her operational capacity
  • How this has changed her approach to scaling


LITerally Podcast With Lacey Sites

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