Crossing the chasm from experimentation to deliberate model with business designer Michelle Warner

We’ve been focusing our attention on default decisions in the last couple of episodes- those choices that you make about how to run your business. And a lot of these decisions happen without us even realizing we're making a choice, especially at the beginning of our businesses. 

But sometimes those choices we didn't know we made come back and bite us in the butt when we need to make the transition from experimentation mode or validation mode into growth mode.

Susan chats with business designer Michelle Warner about business models, because lots of our default decisions are actually built into the model we choose. Michelle helps coaches, consultants and service-based entrepreneurs grow their businesses by showing them how to prioritize what matters and skipping what doesn’t. 

More importantly, Susan and Michelle discuss how to make that all-important decision of crossing the chasm from experimentation entrepreneur mode to a business model that's designed to grow, and how not to drive yourself crazy along the way.

On today’s podcast:

  • Why business design is a hybrid approach to creating your business model
  • The inspiration behind moving from a multi million dollar tech startup to business design
  • The symptoms of knowing when you’ve hit the ceiling in your business
  • The decisions entrepreneurs make over and over again
  • How to choose your business priorities
  • Focusing your team to do the 80%, leaving you free to do the 20% fun stuff

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