Default Decisions and What Works with Tara McMullin

Welcome to this first episode of Break the Ceiling, the podcast where we'll talk about how you might structure your business, or even why you're in the business you're in in the first place. 

We're going to talk about financial decisions, hiring decisions as well as technology decisions, and give you some ideas to consider. But mostly, I just want you to start asking yourself, ‘why did I make this choice and does it still serve my business?’

My first guest in the series is Tara McMullin. Tara is a podcaster, writer, and a small business community leader. With over a decade of experience helping thousands of small business owners grow their business. She's on a mission to change the dialogue about what's really working and she believes that no one person has the answer to “what works” in small business.

Tara is the host of the What Works podcast, a top small business podcast that's been recommended by Forbes and Entrepreneur. And she's also the founder of the What Works network, a community hub for small business owners. 

She is also incidentally the person who came up with the name for this podcast.

On today’s podcast:

  • Why the default decisions you make at the beginning of your business may actually be causing the problems that are limiting your ability to grow
  • Not every framework or management tool works the same for each business
  • Why ‘What Works’ is pretty much an entire business based around the concept of fighting default decisions
  • Challenges associated with switching between different types of business models
  • How to know when you’ve hit the ceiling
  • Know where your skills lie and focus on doing that well - outsource the other stuff
  • Why Tara’s personal growth will help her business break through the ceiling

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