Getting Paid Faster Using Practice Ignition With Tier One Services Co-Founder Jaime Campbell

Getting paid more for your work, up-front, and without the hassle of tracking your billable hours or issuing invoice after invoice sounds like a dream scenario.

But how exactly do you make that happen?

Luckily, like so many other aspects of making a service business more efficient: there’s an app for that!

In our last few episodes, we’ve talked about some business design choices with pricing and payments. How switching to a value-based pricing model allows you to charge upfront. And being able to charge your clients upfront or automatically, can eliminate a big chunk of your internal workflow.

Today, we’ll talk about software that can help you pull all those pieces together. Once you’ve switched to value-based pricing, this is a tool that can help automate the process of onboarding your clients and taking payments, Practice Ignition.

Practice Ignition is a software tool that does contracts and accepts payments, including recurring payments. The way it works is that you can load a library of services -- basically a library full of templates for each item or service you’d charge a client for, and a library of terms or your standard contract language.

Once you have those two set up, you can create a proposal for a new client by just adding the services you want to sell them by picking them out of your library and adding them to your proposal, choosing how you want them to pay you, and then send the proposal along to your client, with a personalized message. It all takes about 5 minutes.

Practice Ignition is a tool I use in my own business, and with most of my clients because it makes onboarding a client and accepting payments so easy.

My guest today has been using Practice Ignition for the last few years.

Jaime Campbell is the co-founder and CFO of Tier One Services,  a firm of outsourced, year-round CFOs and complete accounting departments.

Listen to the episode to hear:

  • How she transitioned her firm from and Microsoft Word contracts to Practice Ignition
  • Why that move impacted her workflow and ability to scale her firm so dramatically
  • Behind-the-scenes of how I’ve built Practice Ignition into my own workflow at ScaleSpark
  • Some live consulting with Jaime about how she could improve her own workflow


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