How Your Money Story Impacts Your Business with Agnes Kowalski

Money. You earn it. You spend it. Maybe you even save or invest it.

But do you know how your personal feelings and beliefs around money affect your business growth?

Our feelings about money color every part of our businesses and it’s the #1 way I see my clients getting in their own way.

How we approach our finances, both personally and professionally, is heavily impacted by our feelings about money and the stories we tell ourselves about it. Those stories are often rooted in our childhood experiences with money.

Often, those money stories and beliefs are SO ingrained in us that we can't even see what's happening. It's like being in a glass box -- you can't see it, but it's keeping you in one place.

It seems like no matter how much work we do on our money mindset and working through our limiting beliefs, every time we try to hit that next level, they come roaring right back.

Today my guest is Agnes Kowalski. Agnes has a lot to say about our relationship with money and the way that our money mindsets can hold us back. She went from having a poverty mindset that was limiting her to $40,000 per year, to consistently bringing in a 6 figure income as a money mindset coach. She shows entrepreneurs and service providers how to improve their relationship to money so they can increase their income and personal power.

And we're talking money. Money blocks, money mindset, and how to avoid letting your own money stories determine the course of your business.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How our money beliefs, stories, and limitations affect our businesses
  • What are some of the most common money mindset issues that trip up business owners
  • What  impacts these stories are having on their businesses
  • How can people start identifying their money stories and money mindset issues
  • And what tools entrepreneurs can use to help deal with their money mindset

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