Making Space To Grow Your Service Business With Kathleen Shannon

Are you creating space for growth in your business?

You might be measuring every metric–collecting every piece of data and then turning it into a strategy for growth–but do you have the operational foundations to be able to handle growth? Does your team have the capacity to take on more work?

In the last 2 episodes–episode 20, episode 21–I talked about two different approaches to collecting data about your business. I talked about the numbers and the nuances, and what to do with that information once you've got it.

Today, we're going to take a different approach, get a little bit woo, and talk about creating the space in your business for growth.

I'm talking to Kathleen Shannon, the co-founder and creative director at Braid Creative, co-host of the Being Boss Podcast, and co-author of the Being Boss book.

I talk with Kathleen about how to approach data when you identify as more of a creative person and less as someone with a data-first mindset. We talk about how making space for growth is such an important aspect of actually growing.

And we talk about how sometimes making space for growth can just mean letting the universe know you're prepared.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • What work you can do as a founder to personally prepare to manage a larger business
  • How to know if your business is actually ready to grow and how to make space for that growth
  • How Kathleen's chalkboard method is a great tool for making sure you are intentionally creating the space to grow
  • How you can use metrics to get a big impact even if you're not a "data" person
  • And how to grow while still serving the (smaller) clients you love working with

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