Productize Hands-On Services To Earn More & Stress Less With Lead Cookie Founder Jake Jorgovan

Even a small, one-person business becomes more profitable and efficient with a solid, repeatable process.

So what happens when we double down on process?

In our last episode, I talked to Lacey Stites about how she does this in her agency using a revenue share model.

Today, we hear how Jake Jorgovan takes a bit of a different approach and focuses on productizing his service delivery so he can operate efficiently at scale.

A productized service is a simple, streamlined way of delivering hands-on client experiences without guesswork or customization. Instead of reinventing the wheel with each client you serve, you build a repeatable process that is executed in the same way for every client.

Jake’s companies, Lead Cookie and Content Allies, aren’t the kind of businesses that easily lend themselves to automation or scaling.

He got around these challenges by productizing his services.

These productized services are built on solid processes, procedures, and standardized systems behind the scenes. They ensure that his clients get a consistent, high-quality experience–a core tenant of both of his businesses.

In this episode:

  • What the motivational and driving forces behind deciding to start a service business like Lead Cookie were
  • What the biggest operational hurdles were starting out
  • How Jake tackled those hurdles
  • How starting Content Allies was different from starting Lead Cookie
  • Some the operational strategies Jake focused on to deliver high-touch services profitably
  • How these same strategy decisions made a big difference in how easy the business was to run


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