Save Time and Boost Profit Using A Proposal Calculator With Rob Howard

What if instead of spending tons of time creating complicated proposals for prospective clients, you just didn't?

Maybe you believe your complicated, customized proposals help win you more business. But there’s a good chance you’re sacrificing profit and efficiency--without truly seeing gains in real revenue.

All this month we are talking about opting out–choosing not to do certain things in your business as a tool for freeing up your time, money, and brain space for more important things.

I started off by talking with Michelle Warner about how she focuses in on just a few services and opts out of selling all the things.

I chatted with Brittany Berger about setting boundaries around the expectations of how you work, both for yourself and for your clients.

Today I’m talking proposals with Rob Howard, founder of web development agency Howard Development & Consulting and creator of Automatic Freelancer, a mentorship program for freelancers.

For Rob, the crux of the proposal process is reducing your sales time.

You can quickly spend a ton of time, often unpaid time, preparing proposals to pitch projects to clients even if they never end up hiring you.

This time can really suck the profit out of any project.

Rob has developed a system that allows him to give accurate quotes on the initial call and send out proposals within 15 minutes of getting off that call.

It's a system that saves a ton of time, and dramatically increase his profit per hour without changing the deliverable he’s actually providing to clients.

On today’s episode:

  • How Rob’s 30-Minute Profitable Proposal System sets him up to make a quick and accurate decision resulting in a proposal that makes the most sense for the client
  • How having a proposal process that makes clear what you are selling and how much you are selling it for takes away a lot of the stress of selling
  • Why delivering a proposal to your client quickly instills a greater amount of confidence in your ability
  • How Rob breaks his proposals down in terms of the size of offer: small, medium, and large
  • Why profit per hour per client is the only metric Rob chooses to track on a regular basis
  • And how when you develop the mindset of an owner building a business, it sets you up for growth and success down the road


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