The Competitive Edge of Process With Networking That Pays Creator Michelle Warner

This week, someone asked me about the main thing my clients struggle with – the one thing I would fix for them if I could. I think my answer surprised them.

All my clients are working towards the same goal -- profitable, efficient, resilient businesses. But how you go about creating that is specific to each business because each business is a reflection of the owner or the founder.

Our businesses take on our characteristics. Our weaknesses become weaknesses in our business. Our strengths are its strengths. Our personal priorities and values become ingrained in our businesses, for better or for worse.

So sometimes shoring up the weaknesses in our business means getting real with ourselves as founders and business owners. We need to identify our own limitations and recognize where we get in our own way.

What is the one main issue that I see my clients confronting? The problem is them.

Founders get in their own way.

Most of the problems I fix in business, with systems or technology or new team members usually directly stem from the owner. Their weaknesses have become the businesses weaknesses. And by identifying those weaknesses, we can put systems in place to specifically counteract their unique issues.

That's what we're going to tackle in the next series of episodes. I'm going to talk to both coaches and business owners about some of the most common ways founders sabotage themselves. And practical strategies and systems that can help counteract those weaknesses. And get us out of our own damn way.

To start things off, I’m having Michelle Warner back on the show to talk about how having a process can be a competitive advantage AND how having a clear process and systems in your business can help make you more efficient and keep you from sabotaging the whole damn thing.

Michelle designs tiny companies that are built to last and is the creator of Networking That Pays, the 5 minute a day, never awkward networking system. She's a pro at helping business owners get out of their own way... and she's who I go to when I'm getting in MY own way.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How to use your process to be more competitive and make our services more efficient to deliver
  • How we can use solid processes to make sure we're doing what's important.
  • How to build your process from day one – creating a repeatable process
  • How to overcome your own shortcomings and start getting in your own way

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