Using Software to Scale with ScaleSpark Founder, Susan Boles

In this special podcast episode, the shoe is on the other foot - Susan herself is on the receiving end of the interview. And she’s talking to Tara McMullin (who you might remember from the first ever Break the Ceiling episode.)

Bottlenecks in a business workflow process and complicated workflows can combine to create huge business growth headaches, not to mention potentially impacting your quality of work, resulting in poor customer satisfaction, or worse, letting things slip through the gaps. 

So Susan wanted to share this episode (first aired on Tara’s podcast, What Works) because she wants to discuss her experience of default decisions in software and technology. 

“When you're starting out, you don't know what you don't know.”

In this episode, Susan and Tara talk about why and when you should review your software tools, and how you can really use software to help automate your operations and address some operational capacity issues. They also talk about the challenging work of implementing new software and how to make the change a little bit easier and more effective.

So tune in to hear all that and more. 

On today’s podcast:

  • What Susan typically finds is standing between her clients and tripling their revenue
  • The basis for business default decisions
  • Why hiring more people won’t fix an operational capacity problem
  • Mistakes small business owners make when they try to use software to expand their capacity
  • Why software can be another bottleneck to workflow process rather than an aid
  • The audit process Susan carries out for each individual business to figure out what software could help them
  • How Susan makes software recommendations for each business
  • How to implement a new software system painlessly
  • Common mindset problems business owners face when switching software

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