Be Your Own CFO

Acceleration Program

If you knew what to do with every dollar in your business...

then you would know exactly what action to take to grow your business.

The way to know what to do with every single dollar is to understand how each dollar is being used, where each dollar is coming from, and how each dollar contributes (or constricts) the growth of your business.

When you understand that, you can answer questions like:
  • I have some extra money every month, where should I invest it?
  • If I were to put an extra $5,000 on a credit card because it would grow my business, where would I put that $5,000?
  • Can I afford to hire that new team member (and pay them)?

When you understand exactly what each dollar is doing…

You can decide what actions to take to grow your business from a place of confidence and purpose, not panic…

You can feel masterful at managing your money instead of inept (or just plain scared)...

You can see exactly what’s working, so you can ditch what’s not to create a snowball effect of massive profit and market power…

And you can make your money make MORE money.

That’s what CFOs DO -- they look at your financial data, find the patterns, connect the dots, and use it to drive growth.

I’ll teach you to do that too.

Be Your Own CFO

What Is It?

A five-month small group coaching program + mastermind, designed to teach you to think about your business like a CFO would -- to teach you to Be Your Own CFO.

Who Is This For?

I designed Be Your Own CFO for business owners who want to:

  • Feel wildly capable about your money so you can know exactly what action to take next… without spending tons of time stuck in Quickbooks OR feeling bad about mistakes you’ve made before.
  • Confidently make data-based decisions about how to grow your business.
  • Understand how your financial data informs your growth.
  • Connect the Dots -- understand how your operations, your finance, your team & your technology all connect to create the foundations of your business.
  • Build an efficient, resilient business that is actually fun to run.

**Note: this offer is part of a pilot/beta program and because of that, I’m looking for business owners who want to help me develop the details of this program, help me shape the program YOU want to see and provide feedback throughout the process**

Here’s What You Will Discover, Clarify & Achieve Through Be Your Own CFO:

Strategy Sessions - We’ll tackle eight key areas of focus that each contributes to your overall understanding of your finances and operations. These sessions are hosted on Zoom and recorded for you to replay later. I’ll teach some of these sessions and for others, we’ll have guest teachers.

Here’s a look at what we’ll cover in each of the sessions:

Here's What You Get: 

Strategy Session Recordings: I’ll record each strategy session and you’ll get access to the recordings and resources we use to review later.

Group Coaching + Hot Seats: Three times per month, we’ll come together on zoom and talk through what you’re working on and where you’re getting stuck. We’ll take the fourth week of the month off, so you can catch up on other work or if you need some time to catch up on the work we’re doing in the group.

Business Battle Buddies: You’ll get access to a private communication channel for members of the group only. It’ll be a safe space for you to connect and get support in-between weekly calls. As a group, we’ll decide where this should live: slack group, voxer chat, etc.

1:1 Deep Dive with Susan: One deep dive 90-minute session with Susan at any point throughout the program for personalized strategy, accountability & leadership coaching. You choose when you need it most.

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