Learn how to think like a CFO so that you can be the best CEO

You’re great at getting sales in the door. And lost when it comes to what to do with your money next.

It’s not an accident that you’ve gotten to where you are. It took a lot of grit, smarts, and good business sense.

That doesn’t change the fact that every time you login to QuickBooks you spend an hour (that you don’t have) scrolling…

Without learning anything meaningful.

And honestly? You’re still cringing about some of the financial mistakes you’ve made in the past. They hurt more than that buffalo wing and ranch pizza that sounded like a good idea at the time but…

Welp. You know.

Every time you crack open your books, you feel frustrated, scared and, maybe, a little embarrassed.

Afraid that someone might see that you don't actually have it all perfectly together behind-the-scenes. Bookkeepers, software, and project managers? They haven’t really helped. 

If anything, you just feel busier and more in the dark about what the *actual* problem is. 

I know you didn’t build a successful, established business by chance. You’re really, really good at what you do.

No matter how smart you are or how well your business grows, you feel stuck. But not for lack of vision. 

In fact—if business was all about the ideas and smarts, you’d be set. But you’re not a newbie anymore, and your established business has hit a bottleneck that you can’t figure out how to get out of. 

You just *don’t* have:

  • Any more time to spend figuring out systems + strategies (that probably won’t work)
  • A clear understanding of what good financial data and targets even are
  • Somewhere to get clear financial and operational advice—without being judged for past mistakes
  • A plan for cleaning up the internal mess in your company so that it can grow well… without sacrificing all of your personal time in the process

More tools and information aren’t the solution. What you need is a CFO’s strategy for understanding the numbers in front of you. 

  • Too many people are shouting “Hey! Hey! Look at me!!!” trying to get you to buy their software or service.

    Not enough people are actually coming alongside you to understand your goals, numbers, and unique business needs to show you what to focus on.

    In fact, *no one* is teaching you how to think like a CFO the way that I am.
  • I want you to have the same strategic skills and narrow point of focus that I’ve used to grow small businesses and $20M+ enterprises. 
    Because it's time to break through your ceilings.

The answers to your next best move are already inside your data.

I’ll show you how to find it. 

If you knew what to do with every dollar in your business... then you would know exactly what action to take to grow your business.

The way to know what to do with every single dollar is to understand how each dollar is being used, where each dollar is coming from, and how each dollar contributes (or constricts) the growth of your business.

When you understand that, you can answer questions like:
  • I have some extra money every month, where should I invest it?
  • If I were to put an extra $5,000 on a credit card because it would grow my business, where would I put that $5,000?
  • Can I afford to hire that new team member (and pay them)?

When you understand exactly what each dollar is doing…

You can decide what actions to take to grow your business from a place of confidence and purpose, not panic…

You can feel masterful at managing your money instead of inept (or just plain scared)...

You can see exactly what’s working, so you can ditch what’s not to create a snowball effect of massive profit and market power…

And you can make your money make MORE money.

That’s what CFOs DO -- they look at your financial data, find the patterns, connect the dots, and use it to drive growth.

I’ll teach you to do that too.

Think Like A CFO

What Is It?

A four month accelerator, online workshop, and coaching program that will teach you to think about your business like a CFO would.

Who Is This For?

I designed Think Like A CFO for experienced coaches, consultants and agency owners who want to:

  • Feel wildly capable about your money so you can know exactly what action to take next… without spending tons of time stuck in Quickbooks OR feeling bad about mistakes you’ve made before.
  • Confidently make data-based decisions about how to grow your business.
  • Understand how your financial data informs your growth.
  • Connect the Dots -- understand how your operations, your finance, your team & your technology all connect to create the foundations of your business.
  • Build an efficient, resilient business that is actually fun to run.

**Note: this offer is part of a pilot/beta program and because of that, I’m looking for business owners who want to help me develop and refine the details of this program, help me shape the program YOU want to see and provide feedback throughout the process**

Here’s What You Will Discover, Clarify & Achieve Through Think Like A CFO:

7 Live Workshops - We’ll tackle seven core areas of focus that each contributes to your overall understanding of your finances. These sessions are hosted on Zoom and recorded for you to replay later. This is the last time I’ll be teaching these workshops LIVE!

Here’s a look at what we’ll cover in each of the sessions:

Here's What You Get: 

7 LIVE Workshops + recordings: I’ll record each live workshop and you’ll get access to the recordings and resources we use to review later. This is the last time I’ll be teaching these workshops LIVE! Workshops are 1.5-2 hours and happen on Mondays at 1pm EST to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

Templates, Checklists + Resources: Each workshop comes with all the tools, checklists + templates you need to implement what you're learning.

4 x Months of Live Group Coaching: Twice per month, we’ll come together as a group on zoom and talk through what you’re working on and where you’re getting stuck. Calls will happen on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 2pm EST.

4 x Months of Direct Email + Voxer Access to Me for Consulting: You can email (or Vox) me at any time to ask any questions that pop up between calls and I’ll get back to you within one business day.

4 x 1-on-1 Strategy + Implementation Calls: Get direct, personal guidance specific to your circumstances to talk through any aspect of your finances, operations, workflow or technology strategy. You have up to six months from the start of the program to use these calls however you wish. Each call is 30 minutes.

Your Investment to Enroll

My one-on-one clients invest between 15k and 35k for me to help them tackle their finances and operations strategy. But you won’t invest nearly that much to get the same results when you enroll in Think Like A CFO.

You have two options to enroll:

The Think Like A CFO VIP option gives you four months of access to everything listed above in the What You Get section, including the four 1-to-1 coaching calls and unlimited email and Voxer access to me for four months to get direct, personalized help between calls.

The Think Like A CFO Workshop option gives you four months of access to all seven workshop calls, all the recordings, all the templates and tools and the live group coaching calls, but without the one-to-one access to me.

Think Like A CFO
Think Like A CFO
7 x Live Group Workshop & Implementation Calls + Recordings
Templates, Checklists, Worksheets + Resources
8 x Live Group Coaching Calls
4 x Months of Direct Email + Voxer Access to Me for Consulting
4 x 1-on-1 Strategy + Implementation Calls
Your Investment
or 4 payments of $1200
or 4 payments of $750

Think Like a CFO is now closed for enrollment.

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