Understanding Your Business’s Cash Flow Cycle

Most business owners know the basics of how much money they have coming in and how much money is going out. But do you know the timelines between where cash is flowing in your business can have a huge impact on your success? If you’re running your own business, understanding the cash flow cycle in your business can mean the difference between making it—and not being able to pay bills on time. Getting a handle on your cash flow cycle is one of the first steps you need to take to grow your business. But what exactly is the cash flow cycle and how does it work?

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Understanding Cash Flow Projection

One of the most important financial reports you need to know how to read as a business owner is your cash flow projection. It’s the secret to making sure your business is financially healthy and you’ll be able to keep things moving and growing in your business. You’re not alone if you have no idea what a cash flow is or how to build a cash flow projection for your business! Most small business owners have never seen a cash flow projection for their business, much less what to do with it. 

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7 Small Business Cash Flow Management Strategies

Money can make anyone feel uncomfortable. But as a small business owner, you need to get a handle on your finances, including cash flow management, so you can grow your business and achieve your goals. Cash flow management strategies can make the difference in your business between success and epic failure—but it’s not as hard as it sounds to figure out how to manage cash flow in your business effectively.

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How to Improve Cash Flow In Your Business

Optimizing and improving your business’ cash flow is one the most important steps to growing or scaling your business. For a business to be successful, it must have sufficient cash flow so you can achieve your business goals without getting stuck along the way. Having the right cash flow can be the difference between staying stuck struggling to pay your bills in your business on time and finally growing your business. In general, there are 4 main strategies you can use to improve and maintain a sufficient cash flow. 

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How to Scale Your Online Business

The dream of a scalable business is the reason why so many of us decide to start an online business. Online businesses, after all, are supposed to be ripe with opportunities to scale them easily and quickly. But if you’re running an online business, you’ve probably already realized that scaling your business is proving to be a lot more difficult than it sounded. A goal that seemed like something you could relatively quickly and easily has turned into a “someday” dream of a highly scalable online business. 

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How to Pay Yourself As a Business Owner

It’s no secret that one of the hardest things to do when you’re starting your business is deciding how much to pay yourself from your business. Knowing what money to spend investing in the future of your business while also making your personal ends meet can be hard to balance. Paying yourself is just as important as taking care of your overall business health. How small business owners pay themselves has a huge effect on their business's ability to grow and if their business is meeting their personal financial needs.

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How to Make Your Business More Profitable

Owning a business is one thing but making your business more profitable can seem like an entirely different hoop to jump through. Making your business profitable is a different skill than actually running your business—and that may be why you’re struggling.

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How to Improve Your Money Mindset

When it comes to improving your finances as a business owner, your money mindset sets the foundation for your success or failure. The truth is, the way you think about money and what you believe about money determines your relationship with it. 

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How to Fix Cash Flow Problems

Struggling to pay your bills on time or even pay yourself in your business? You probably have some serious cash flow problems that could cause your business to fail. If you don't manage your cash well, you won't have money in your bank account to pay your bills. If that's the case for too long, you'll go out of business. Cash flow is one of the things you have to get right when you’re a business owner, but it can be a big struggle if you don’t feel confident in your small business financial knowledge.

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4 Essential Financial Skills for Entrepreneurs

Feel like you have no clue when it comes to small business financial management, financial reporting, or other financial essentials? Is the idea of figuring out where to start mastering specific financial skills confusing? You’re not alone! Most entrepreneurs don’t have the financial skills and background that’s pivotal to running a thriving business. But becoming a successful entrepreneur requires knowing how to avoid losses and find room for growth.

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