Not Rocket Finance

Real-world financial education for business owners who don't speak accountant

Balance sheets, cash flow, data… oh my! This is not what you got into business to talk about. 

But something needs to change. Because while your services run smooth as silk, behind the scenes things are a mess. If anyone were to peek behind the curtain… well. You don’t want to think about that. And you’re not alone.

Up until now, the financial world has made it really hard for you to understand what you need, and how to get it. 

Most business financial education out there is designed for accountants, spreadsheet freaks, and corporate types.

That’s not you.

You’re tired of wading through outdated information, complicated templates, and looking for the secret decoder ring you need to understand typical finance language. 

Not Rocket Finance is the business financial course that decodes Financial Speak once and for all. 

Created by a Chief Financial Officer for small business owners just like you. No jargon, MBA, or gray suit required. 

With Not Rocket Finance you'll...

  • Know your numbers inside and out, making your business resilient and simplifying your decision making process.
  • Get the right systems for your business, instead of starting 27 not-quite-right software trials every year (and hoping you remember to cancel when they don’t work out).
  • Make the most out of your financial support with hiring guidelines and insider strategies for getting more value from your pros. 
  • Implement from day 1 using spreadsheets, templates, and checklists made by a CFO. 
  • Take control of your cash flow to eliminate unwanted surprises when big bills, revenue dips, and tax season roll around.
  • Pay yourself and your taxes in a way that makes sense as part of your new monthly financial habits. You’ll ditch the meaningless Quickbooks scroll in favor of a few smart financial habits that actually matter. 
"Susan has a very authentic way to work. No bullshit and I really appreciate that. She offers data and solutions up the way they should be offered up. So black and white, just really clean information, straight to the point, it's not candy-coated."
Chris Strompolos
Fanology Social

Here’s what you’ll learn and implement during your financial education fast-track:

7 Training Modules + Accompanying Resources
I break down the 7 essential financial foundations your business needs. Financial strategies and tools are explained simply, and so are your action steps.  With tool recommendations, a resource library, and done-for-you spreadsheets you can implement right away. 

Take a look at what's inside each module:

Not Rocket Finance is short and simple for a reason. It’s here to teach you only the stuff you need and none of the complicated junk you don’t. 

Here's what you get:

  • 7 easy to implement modules
  • Software recommendations straight from a CFO
  • Spreadsheets that tell you your numbers
  • Worksheets, checklists and resource libraries
  • Lifetime access to course content

Get the quick and easy course for organizing and understanding your business financials designed specifically for online entrepreneurs who don’t show up to work in a suit.

Your Investment

Not Rocket Finance is a self-paced course that gives you the financial skills you need to be the confident CEO of your business. 

Enroll now for a one time payment of $495.

"I feel so relieved that this is all in order. I feel completely empowered over my books and my numbers for the firs time in YEARS despite my obsession with excel sheets and tracking numbers."
Pia Silva
Founder, Badass Your Brand + Worstofall Design

I'm Susan, Virtual CFO to Service Business Entrepreneurs

I take agencies & consultants from digital duct-tape and WD40 to smoother-than-a-Mercedes-Benz operations using a custom blend of process + tech + financial know-how.

Even more importantly, I’m fluent in both Finance Speak and Human Speak. 👋 I’m here to be your translator and guide so you can go from nervous tourist to confident local when it comes to your business finances.

Smart decisions come from good data.

And right now, good data is something you don’t know how to find. 

Don’t worry—that’s about to change. 

You've got questions. I've got answers.