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Expert financial education for your clients made simple.
It’s time to turn the average small business owner into your best client ever.

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"It forced me to think about money every day.

I also decided that my bookkeeping expense was worth every penny!

I felt like it gave me the confidence to know the finances are important enough to get support for. My finances aren't an after thought. They are always the first thought now."
Melissa Emler
Owner, Modern Learners
You want...

✔️ Better client relationships

✔️ Easier and more meaningful strategic conversations

✔️ Improved client retention

All those great reports you make? They haven’t moved the needle like you hoped they would. The problem isn’t you. It’s that your clients can’t *really* read those reports… yet.

Not Rocket Finance gives your clients a solid financial education so that they understand exactly what you’re telling them, every time.

With their finance basics in place, they’ll know your value, understand their needs, and be more receptive to your guidance from day one.

(And you’ll be answering way less emails about business 101.)  

Right now, too much of your time goes into teaching basic financial literacy, or trying to convince clients to make important decisions that should be easy. 

The Cost of Teaching Business Finance Basics

All of that teaching means less time for scaling your own business, making high-level decisions, and doing the client work that only you can do.

But you can’t just quit educating your clients—without the right knowledge, their businesses are less resilient and they won’t fully grasp the value of your relationship. That’s bad for business, increasing your client turnover and upping the resources you have to spend on lead generation. 

What if you could get back to being an accountant and leave the financial education to an expert you can trust?

Not Rocket Finance includes...

  • Real-world business finance basics, taught by a CFO who has managed budgets up to $100M for cities, universities, and high-growth businesses
  • Easy to implement steps you’ll watch your clients put into action right away
  • An engaging online experience that takes teaching off your plate
  • Simple reporting tools to track client progress
"Most of us are vulnerable in the area of financial systems because we are focused elsewhere in our business, but deep inside we know it is vitally important, if only we had someone to show us the way.

This program does that and more because it opens up the black box to our finances and offers us a way forward that is steady, clear, non-judgmental and well, once you get a taste of the possibilities, it is rather fascinating!"
Nancy Hess
Owner, N.J. Hess Associates

Here’s what you’re clients will learn and implement during their financial education fast-track:

Not Rocket Finance was designed with busy schedules in mind. Bite-sized lessons and quick implementation strategies work together to make this the finance education your clients will actually use. In the training modules, I cover 7 essential financial foundations every business needs. Financial strategies and tools are explained simply, and so are the action steps. Plus, students get real-world exercises, a resource library, and done-for-you spreadsheets so they can take action on what they’ve learned right away.

Take a look at what's inside each module:

"For years, I've been stuck in that infamous online entrepreneur conundrum where I'm great at making money, but I'm not great at taking care of my money, or even fully grasping what's in or out, or why I need certain sales goals. My idea of "budgeting" was checking my bank account to make sure I had enough cash for a given item. Also: it didn't help that I'd break out into hives any time anyone so much as mentioned a spreadsheet. 

But now, I feel crystal clear about where money is coming from, when, and why. I've built excellent financial habits and generally feel like I finally have a grip on this money thing. It's not only no longer scary — it's actually fun!

Susan is the best in the biz — and for good reason. Dive first into this adventure, and watch the way you see your money transform. You'll be glad you did.
Hillary Weiss
Creative Director + Positioning Coach

If you’re ready to get back to your business, then Not Rocket Finance is the course your clients need.

👋 Hi, I'm Susan Boles!

I'm a CFO and financial educator. As a CFO, I’ve managed high-growth companies with $20M budgets and large organizations with extensive assets and $100M budgets.

Along the way, I’ve become known as the go-to educator for helping business owners learn finance-speak. With my education programs, entrepreneurs learn solid business finance principles so that they can make better decisions and get more value out of their relationship with their financial team.

That’s you.

Whether you want to build Not Rocket Finance into your service offerings to increase value and client retention or keep it on hand for struggling clients, I’ve got a solution for you. Simply schedule a call to find out how you can use Not Rocket Finance in your business.


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