How To Spend Less Time On Client Calls While Managing Retainers With Parker Stevenson

I talked with Parker about how he and his business partner at Evolved Finance buck convention and deliver their monthly bookkeeping service without having regularly scheduled calls.

Susan Boles
January 20, 2020

Monthly client meetings––they’re a requirement of service retainers.

Or, are they?

There's an expectation that if you're working with clients on retainer, in an ongoing, recurring way, that you have to have meetings––ya know, just to touch base.

Conventional wisdom says that meetings should be included in the service because they seem to deliver inherent value.

But meetings are a huge limitation when it comes to scaling a service business.

There's only so much of you to go around. Is spending time in meetings really the best way to delivering great value and grow a business?

Today, I got Parker Stevenson to weigh in. Parker is co-owner of Evolved Finance, a bookkeeping company that specializes in online businesses.

By its very nature, the business of bookkeeping is doing pretty much the same thing month after month–making it a business that is ripe for scaling, if you approach scaling the way Evolved Finance has.

One of the ways that Parker and his partner, Corey Whitaker, take advantage of this opportunity to scale is by bucking convention and delivering their monthly bookkeeping service without having regularly scheduled calls.

In this episode:

  • How Parker’s project to change the client-meeting paradigm has evolved over that last year
  • Why niching down made it easier to build out operational practices
  • How he shifted from using recorded Loom videos with his clients to experimenting with a training resource library and group office hours
  • How getting to know his clients and their needs has been a better way to deliver value than getting mired in weeks of calls
  • The challenges Parker and his partner have run into transitioning from typical client meetings to group calls
  • What kind of impact this move away from regular client calls has had on the business’s operational capacity
  • How quitting client meetings have impacted Parker personally

Episode Transcript