How Voxer Can Save You And Your Client Time With Ashley Gartland & Nancy Jane Smith

I talked with Ashley Gartland and Nancy Jane Smith about how they use Voxer to communicate with their clients. Primarily a voice messaging app, Voxer allows them to replace both email and in-person meetings, helping them save time and streamline the way their clients receive value.

Susan Boles
January 13, 2020

Client meetings can easily fill up your entire calendar–sucking away all of your available time.

This time is a valuable asset and it is often the single most limiting factor to the growth of service-based businesses.

So what if there was something you could do to reduce this time-suck?

All this month on the show we are looking at alternatives–unique ways to communicate with clients and opt-out of meetings, email, and conventional communication methods.

Today, we’re talking about using Voxer with clients. Primarily a voice messaging app that harkens back to the flip-phone days, Voxer allows you to send short voice recordings, replacing both email and in-person meetings.

I’m going to talk to two different founders who use Voxer to communicate with their coaching clients.

You’ll hear from Nancy Jane Smith, a professional counselor and therapeutic coach who uses Voxer as a better way to work with women with High Functioning Anxiety.

And you will hear the second half of an interview that I started last week with Ashley Gartland, a business coach who uses Voxer to save time, boost profit, and nurture exceptional ongoing client experience.

Throughout this episode, pay close attention to how Voxer not only helps save time by opting out of meetings but also streamlines the way your clients receive value.

In this episode:

  • How Ashley & Nancy are using Voxer in managing and minimizing client meetings
  • How they are using Voxer so the technology doesn’t become a distraction
  • What the boundaries and processes they’ve put in place so clients know what to expect
  • What challenges they have run into transitioning from a typical client meeting structure
  • What impact the new approach have on their operational capacity

Episode Transcript