Why Streamlining Your Effort Pays Off With Business Strategist Michelle Warner

Michelle Warner and I talk about how we both use opting-out as a tool to help our clients become more profitable and efficient.

Susan Boles
December 3, 2019

Opting out of business-as-usual practices  or deciding to buck your industry trend can be a really powerful point of differentiation for service businesses

When you opt-out of using corporate jargon or ridiculously complicated implementation processes, you can really stand out from the crowd.

And, making this choice can also be a really great tool for increasing your operational capacity behind the scenes.

By opting-out and choosing not to implement a cumbersome or overly complicated process, you free up your time. By choosing to not administrate the process and hire somebody to manage it for you, you save all that time, money and effort that you would have spent otherwise.

Today, I am having business strategist, Michelle Warner, back on the show to talk about how we both use opting-out as a tool to help our clients become more profitable and efficient.

We talk about how Michelle helps service providers, coaches, and course creators drill down and focus on what's important, as well as how they can stop spending time on unproductive distractions and start designing profitable businesses.

On today’s episode:

  • How Michelle uses an 80/20 framework to harnesses creative energy, turning it into something useful instead of something that can quickly derail us.
  • How Michelle helps clients move away from their startup phase and start optimizing as a company
  • The ways that doubling down on a single project has compounding effects and is uniquely beneficial to entrepreneurs  
  • All the ways that entrepreneurs are naturally creators and how they can look to the art world for guidance and inspiration
  • How you can take your financial metrics and turn them into qualitative choices for what you want your business to be.
  • How we can slow down and build our awareness in our business with tracking and mindfulness practices


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