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Finance + Process + Tech = Resilient, Sustainable Growth
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There's more to growth than just getting more clients

Rapid growth is great. But growth can actually cause problems, especially if your business doesn’t have the capacity for it or you’re growing unsustainably.

Growth in a service that’s unprofitable can cause you to lose money on a large scale, instead of just a small one.
Growth before your processes are clearly defined means no one knows what to do next, or whether or not someone else already did it… which means wasted effort and unhappy clients.
Growth before your technology is streamlined and automated means drowning in manual data-entry, just to figure out how profitable you were… 6 weeks ago.

To build a scalable, sustainable, profitable business, you need data. 

Your financial data shows you everything you need to know to grow your business.

Every single decision you make shows up in your finances... eventually. 
Cashflow issues and money problems are the #1 symptom of something going wrong — but they don’t tell you the cause of the problem, only that there IS a problem, somewhere upstream. 

But the cause might be any number of things (or a combination of them).

  • Maybe you were making decisions based on your cash position from weeks ago because your financial data entry is manual and it takes forever. 
  • Maybe you hired too soon and you didn’t have the work coming in to fill their capacity, so you’re paying for a staff member you don’t need yet, because you didn’t have a good way to run a scenario to see the financial impact upfront. 
  • Maybe your project management system is too cumbersome for your users, so they just aren’t bothering to enter the information you need. So you have no data to base your decisions on, no one really knows where your project stands, and you spend a ton of time just emailing back and forth to figure out what’s still not done.
Or something else entirely...

So you can’t just look at your finances -- they won’t tell the whole story, just the ending. 

This is where most traditional CFOs fall short -- they just look at the finances, not the whole ecosystem. And it’s why even the best CFOs struggle to really help agencies.
Because in a modern agency your back-end business systems all need to work together to build resilient, streamlined, scalable operations.

Look at one system, or piece of software, without the others and you’re not taking advantage of opportunities for efficiency across your entire operation. 

Nothing works in isolation -- it’s all connected. 

Good Systems =
Reliable Data & Profitable, Sustainable Growth

This is why our CFO + Growth Advisory service focuses on your finances, your processes and your tech. 

By baking it all into one service, we can help you build strong system foundation -- which makes it easy to collect the right data in real-time. And when you have good data, in real-time, at your fingertips, you can make better decisions.
So you can strategically and sustainably grow your business and still leave the office at 3pm to take your kids to the park.
(Because having a life is actually kinda fun)

How It Works

There are three stages to our Growth Advisory process:
Start Here

Growth Blueprint

Plan Your Foundation

The Growth Blueprint lays out exactly what you need to do to make growth possible for your company again. 

It’s a deep-dive into your business operations & financial health. Together, we’ll go over your business goals and your vision for the future of the business.  Then we’ll map out where you’re getting stuck, and figure out which parts of your system are blocking your growth.


Ramp Up

Implement the Plan

Once the Growth Blueprint has been completed, I’ll get to work setting up the necessary foundations to fix your business. 

This often includes implementing new software, defining your processes, and starting to make changes. While the exact details are specific to your business, know that during this phase, we’re building the foundations for scalable, sustainable growth. 

And once everything is in place, it’ll keep running smoothly without becoming a mess.


CFO+Growth Advisory

Growth + Continual Improvement

This is where the real magic happens. After we’ve set up the proper foundations, we’ll continue to refine your systems, processes, and workflows.

I’ll handle your finances and software systems, so you can focus on selling into your new capacity and giving your clients the best possible service. 

With a continual focus on improving and streamlining, your business will be able to handle whatever you can throw at it.

Why Me?

I’ve built, researched, and implemented software and other systems for a huge variety of organizations – from the US military to major universities, small retail shops, and marketing agencies.

I’ve managed annual budgets of $100M+ as a CFO and departments of 370+ people as the head of HR. 

I’ve owned 4 businesses and am intimately familiar with how operations can derail a company or be the secret key to success.  

Creating processes for everything from HR to finance, accounting, project management, and even client management, is my specialty. 

Because when you create a solid process, you make the decision once and never have to make it again. The amount of time and mental energy you save is huge.

But only if the process is solid — if it’s not, it can actually hinder you and your team. 
Seeing through the mess to find order is what I’m best at, and that includes keeping you on track as you grow.
Our ongoing services are perfect for you if: 
  • You’ve solved for growth already, and now you need to build a business with the capacity to handle that growth
  • You’re ready to have accurate, real-time financial information at your fingertips so that you can accurately forecast cash flow and make strategic decisions about the most profitable ways to grow your business. 
  • You need a partner who you can bounce ideas off of regarding growth -- and who will tell you if the company is setup properly for it
  • You need someone who will help you build a better company and suggest improvements, not just work within your existing systems
CFO + Growth Advisory

What Does It Include?

The normal CFO Stuff

Financial Foundations

  • Weekly bookkeeping
  • Monthly financial statements & reconciliation
  • Weekly cash flow projections
  • Monthly & annual budgets
  • Monthly financial statements & reconciliation
  • Profit First calculations (if you're using Profit First)
  • Coordination with your tax professional
  • Banking Relationship Management
The Secret Sauce

Proactive Growth Advisory

Business Insights Live Dashboard

Live access to your real-time data direct from your financial, project management, payroll and other software tools, presented in an easy-to-understand graphical dashboard.

Customized specifically to your goals, your systems, your KPIs, THIS is how you get that real-time data, at your fingertips to answer your questions about how to grow.

It's not just financial data -- it brings ALL your business data into ONE PLACE, available to you anytime.

Software & Systems Advisory

We'll handle your financial & project management system administration, so you don't have to.

  • Administrating & monitoring your financial & project management systems
  • Making adjustments to take advantage of streamlining or data improvement opportunities
  • Monitoring and maintaining any integrations/connections between software tools

Operations Capacity Troubleshooting

As you grow, we'll continually look for opportunities to streamline your operations and increase your capacity.

Business Growth Advisory

We'll partner with you to make sure you're making smart, data-based decisions about how to grow. We'll dig into the data, build scenarios, run projections and help you figure out which lines of business, project or clients are most profitable (and a good bet for a direction for growth).

We'll actively audit your costs, suggest places where you could improve your efficiency or profitability and always be looking out for the long-term, sustainable health of your business.

Unlimited Q&A

Got a question? That's included (and encouraged). We're pretty proactive about communication anyway, but if you've got a question that pops up or you've got an idea to talk through, just let us know. Send us an email, or a chat through our communications portal and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Engagements start at $2,500 per month
Optional Add-On Services

Workflow Intensives

Designed to go deep into a single process/workflow in your business. In an intensive one-day format, we'll define, streamline and implement one specific workflow.

Learn More ->

Day-to-Day Financial Support

Need help with your day-to-day finances, like running payroll, paying bills, sending invoices? Let us know what you need and we can build a custom plan that includes what you needs (and leaves out what you don't).

What Our Clients Say

Jaime Campbell
Tier One Services
Not many people have this combination of accounting knowledge, technological fearlessness, and boldness to take on new projects and problems. If you have an accounting/technology issue that is too challenging for mere mortals, contact Susan right away.
Margo Aaron
That Seems Important
Susan makes your life easier. She is always five steps ahead, anticipating what you need, and taking things OFF your to-do list. Working with her is like working with a dream.
Pia Silva
Badass Your Brand
This has been an AMAZING experience I am SO FREAKIN THANKFUL that I found Susan and had her do this. I just had a lightbulb moment with Xero and a few big things clicked together and I think I finally GET IT NOW! I really do, and I have my different revenue streams on the homepage updating in real time and holy cow that is amazing, that's what I've been looking for. I feel so relieved that this is all in order, I feel completely empowered over my books and my numbers for the first time in YEARS despite my obsession with excel sheets and tracking numbers .
Imagine knowing that you’ve got the capacity and the systems to grow…

And when a strategic growth opportunity pops up, you’ve got someone to talk it over with and the data to help you decide.

And if you jump on it, you’ve got someone who can help you make it happen. 

Build a business with the capacity for growth

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