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Your Systems Really Matter

Software is the foundation of a modern agency. Which means your software can make or break sustainable business growth.
Sub-par functionality, lack of integrations, and inflexible workflows can cripple your ability to work efficiently, take on new clients, and accurately forecast growth.
Having the wrong invoicing and payment system means your clients take 2.5 months longer to pay you. So you’re missing out on 2 whole months of cash flow, just because it’s hard for your clients to pay you.
Because of your bookkeeper, you don’t have up-to-date financials, so you can’t decide if you should hire that new staff member to take some things off your plate. You don’t know if you’ll be able to pay them and you can’t effectively manage cash flow when your data is 6 weeks old.
You & your team are constantly rebelling against using your project management system because it feels too hard to use. You’re relying on email instead and you’re never all on the same page because nothing is centralized.
When you’re always managing these kinds of scattered, operational crises, there’s no space left to think about strategic growth. 

You’re operating in emergency mode and picking short-term fixes instead of making choices for the long-term, sustainable health of your business. 

Your Back-End Should Be An Ecosystem... Not a Disjointed Puzzle

Nothing works in isolation -- it’s all connected. 
In a modern agency your back-end business systems all work together to build resilient, streamlined, scalable operations. And how you design your business informs your technology choices. Your technology then influences and automates your process, and determines what kind of data you can collect. 

When you choose  one system or piece of software without considering the others you’ve already set up, you’re not taking advantage of opportunities for efficiency across your entire operation.

For Example:
  • If you allow clients to post-pay for time and materials, you need to choose a project management tool that has project-level time and expense tracking instead of just being able to use Asana
  • If your accounting system  doesn’t integrate with your project management system, you can’t track your profitability by type of sale
  • If your project management system can’t automatically generate invoices and send them to your accounting system, you have to manually create invoices one-by-one every month… So it takes longer to get paid, and longer to finish your month-end reporting. And by the time you finally get finished, your data is too old to be of any real use in making growth decisions.

Good Systems = Reliable Data & Smart Growth

To solve these problems you need to look at the foundational building blocks of your business -- your systems AND your finances. 

You need to set the foundation for growth

The Growth Blueprint provides a complete map of your operations, so you can:

Real Time Data
Make key growth decisions faster and with more confidence by visualizing projects and financial projections instantly
Save Money
Cut costs by reducing and eliminating dysfunctional and underused software
Increase Efficiency
Automate away time-consuming manual tasks so even your most junior team members can spend their time on valuable, client-focused tasks
Turn Clients Into Raving Fans
Onboard new clients with ease, sending contracts, invoices, and other documentation automatically
Improve Team Communication
Centralize communications so your entire team stays in the loop at all times, without bothering you
Make Time To Grow
Spend less time managing your team and more time on work that actually grows your business
How It Works

The Process

The Growth Blueprint Includes:

Timeline: 1-2 Weeks
Investment: $3,000

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  • Finance + Cash Flow Health Check
    A complete overview of where you stand financially -- and what you could do to improve
  • Software Blueprint & System Map
    Software/App recommendations and how they all connect
  • Operations Process Audit
    What processes/workflows are working well, and where do you have opportunities to improve or streamline
  • Capacity & Data Opportunities Report
    Where are your opportunities to collect better data (to help you make better decisions) AND opportunities to streamline your work and increase your operational capacity
  • Road Map For Implementation
    You'll have a plan for how you actually implement all these changes.
“I love how Susan just casually throws out an incredibly magical and efficient all-around perfect solution like it's nothin'”
Rachel Jordan
Founder, 929 Marketing

Set Your Foundations For Growth With The Growth Blueprint

There is no one magic software that will solve all of your problems -- trust me. I’ve tried everything on the market today. 

But the right combination of software can revolutionize your business. 

Your current systems are wasting thousands of hours of manual work per year – usually the equivalent of at least 1 to 2 full-time staff members.
In terms of cold, hard cash, you’re probably letting $10,000 slip through the cracks every month.

What could you do with an extra $120,000 and 2,500 more hours each year?

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