On-Demand CFO Intensives

My Brain. Your Business. One Day.

Let's Do This!
Sick of spending hours manually onboarding clients?

Know there’s way more functionality in your project management system, but not sure how to take advantage of it?

Need to start time tracking so that you can see how profitable each project is, but not sure how to make that happen because nothing’s connected? 

Want to know where every cent is going, why you’re not making as much as you’d hoped, and how to increase profit margins? 

You're in the right place

In an Intensive format, we’ll take one of your key business workflows from barely-doing-the-job to so-smooth-you’ll-forget-it-was-ever-an-issue.

Make Your Workflows Work For You

If you’re an agency or consultant, or you have a service or online business, and you’ve got this one process that’s keeping you or your team from having the capacity to do more valuable things...this is for you.

This is for that one process you just can’t figure out. It’s not streamlined, it’s not automatic, maybe you don’t even have a checklist or a process for it and you need to figure it out yesterday because it’s stopping your ability to grow without working more hours.

Especially if you know your current financial or project management system could be better, smoother, faster… but you have no idea how to get there and you’re sick of just making do. 
I'll take that project off your never-ending to-do list and make it work.

How It Works

You pick the project, I’ll figure out how to simplify, smooth it out and automate it.
Get The Details

I’ll send you questions about your business, the part that’s not working and your ideal vision for how it should work.

(Or you can say you have no idea how it should work and I can figure it out).

Plan Your Day

After reviewing all the details, I’ll send you a plan for the day, customized to the type of project we’re tackling. 

It's that easy!
1 Day Intensive

On the day, we’ll kick off our morning with a one-on-one video call to confirm details, identify what needs to happen, and start working The Plan.

Usually, we'll work together in the morning, and I'll spend the afternoon implementing the fixes. Occasionally, based on the specific challenge we're working on, we might work together the whole day.

Timeline: 1 Day
Investment: $3,500

What A Typical Intensive Looks Like

These are just examples to give you an idea of what's possible -- for your day, it will be customized to specifically what you and your business need most.

Example 1:

Client Onboarding

In the morning:
  • Decide what the steps in the client onboarding process should be 
  • Identify what you want to automate, what should be manual, and what systems we have to make that happen
In the afternoon:

Make it so. I’ll set up task lists in your project management tool, set up the Zapier zaps to automate your client folder structure, and put the email sequences in where they’re supposed to be. 

Example 2:

Project Management System Streamlining

In the morning:
  • Identify how you’re using the system now - what’s working, what’s not
  • Talk through opportunities for better use of data, better organization, better task assignment, and overall structure
  • Talk through how the project management system connects to your other tools
  • Identify opportunities for streamlining and/or automation 
In the afternoon:

I’ll configure your system, move data around, add new categories, and make the changes we planned a reality

Example 3:

Financial Data
Deep Dive

In the morning:
  • Dive deep on financial health, cash flow problems, budgeting - whatever you’re trying to tackle
  • Talk through different applicable financial management strategies (like Profit First, or savings strategies) for your specific company goals
  • Talk through how to track commissions and create reports and tags to make it happen
In the afternoon:
  • Dig into your financial & project management systems to get some real data to answer the questions you have (or identify how you could collect better data so you can answer the questions in the future)
  • Configure automatic payments in your accounting system and set up recurring invoice reminders (so you don’t have to chase clients) 
  • Set up tracking categories in Xero, so you know how profitable each line of business is

Free Up Your Team To Do More Of What Matters

I’ve built, researched, and implemented software and other systems for a huge variety of organizations – from the US military to major universities, small retail shops, and marketing agencies. 

I’ve been the CFO to high-growth companies, managed annual budgets of $100M+ and departments of 370+ people.

In short: I know finance and operations. It’s been my entire career. 

And I have a knack for seeing through the mess to find order.

Let's sort through your mess and put it in order