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It feels like a dirty little secret, doesn’t it?

Your business is doing well. You’re getting paid and building a business you love.

But every now and then, you get an unsettling reminder that maybe — just maybe — your financial house isn’t quite in order. You’re not sure what to do about it, and you just wish there was someone who could just tell you what to do next.

That might look like:

  • Your business’ financial data is contained in a P&L that your bookkeeper sends you every month (that you file promptly in the dumpster)
  • You’re getting paid, but after you save for taxes, you have no idea what to do with the rest of it
  • Your sales goals go something like, “IDK, I just wanna make a lot of money?”
  • Your service and product pricing is based on numbers that may or may not have come directly from your own butt
  • Your cash flow strategy is basically just crossing your fingers and hoping you’re good to go.
But it seems like every time you take a deep breath and try to get started, you get sucked down a wormhole of financial jargon, spreadsheet overload, and books that you’re supposed to read. 

The world of business finance was built by - and for - finance nerds, spreadsheet geeks, and accounting enthusiasts. Not for business owners like you. If it feels confusing, that’s because it’s designed to. It’s a feature of the system, not a bug. That’s why every business finance book you read (if you bother) feels like an accounting textbook. And every “Top 10 tips for business finance” blog post is full of jargon and strategies that you’d only understand if you had an accounting degree. 

Business Finance isn't Rocket Science.
And it shouldn't feel like it is.

Most of us are vulnerable in the area of financial systems because we are focused elsewhere in our business, but deep inside we know it is vitally important if only we had someone to show us the way. Susan opens up the black box to our finances and offers us a way forward that is steady, clear, non-judgmental.
Nancy Hess
NJ Hess Associates

Your Numbers tell you what to do

If you knew what to do with every dollar in your business, then you’d know exactly what action to take to grow your business.

Your business finances tell a story, and when you understand the story they’re telling you, you’ll get answers to questions like: 

  • Am I investing enough back into the business (and spending it on the right stuff)?
  • Who are my best (i.e. most profitable & easiest to handle) clients?
  • Can I afford to hire that new team member (and pay them)? 
  • Why am I selling a bunch, but I still don’t seem to have enough cash to pay myself? 
  • I’m thinking about a new offer, how do I make sure I price it so it’s profitable?
My job as an outsourced CFO is to take the seemingly complex, incomprehensible slew of numbers and spreadsheets and make them simple to understand and execute on. No jargon, textbooks, or MBAs required.
"For years, I've been stuck in that infamous online entrepreneur conundrum where I'm great at making money, but I'm not great at taking care of my money. My idea of "budgeting" was checking my bank account to make sure I had enough cash for a given item. Also: it didn't help that I'd break out into hives any time anyone so much as mentioned a spreadsheet. 

But now, I feel crystal clear about where money is coming from, when, and why. I finally have a grip on this money thing. It's not only no longer scary — it's actually fun.

Susan is the best in the biz — and for good reason. Dive first into this adventure, and watch the way you see your money transform. You'll be glad you did.
Hillary Weiss
Creative Director + Positioning Coach


VIRTUAL CFO Intensives

Half a day. No bullshit, jargon, judgment, or guilt.

Just the two of us troubleshooting what’s not working and designing solutions to increase your profit, simplify your cash flow, and boost your capacity.
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Why work with an Outsourced CFO?

Every business can benefit from working with a CFO, regardless of how big they are (or aren’t).

While a bookkeeper will mostly handle getting data entered into your financial system day to day, and your tax accountant will handle your taxes, your CFO is the person who can dig into the details of your business and help you interpret and understand what your numbers are saying, so you know exactly what action to take to grow your business.

In reality, you can’t afford not to have a CFO, you probably just don’t need a full-time one. You need a virtual CFO on demand - someone who can come in every once in a while to help you troubleshoot your business finances, with a focus on profitability and efficiency.

That’s what my Virtual CFO intensives are designed to do. It's a half day intensive strategy session designed to figure out what's not working and design a solution to increase your profit, simplify your cash flow, or boost your capacity.

Who Should Work with a Virtual CFO?

This small business finance and operations strategy session is designed specifically and thoughtfully for:

Experienced coaches, consultants, and agency owners who have been running their business for a few years now

➞ Solopreneurs and small team-runners who have no interest in vanity metrics or bragging rights

➞ Any small business owner who wants to grow thoughtfully and strategically — and who knows that understanding their small business financials is an unavoidable part of that growth

AS your Outsourced CFO,
I can help you:

SAVE MONEY. Cutting any costs that aren’t carrying their weight and bringing value to your business. Every dollar and second you spend on your business should get you a return. I'll make sure they do.
INCREASE CAPACITY.  Build a team that’s the right size, with the right skills. Identify where you need actual human support, and where you just need clearer tools and processes.
BUILD A CASH CUSHION.  More profit = more cash reserves. And a more efficient business means nothing comes crashing down in a crisis (or on any normal day either). We’ll come up with a plan to make sure you’ve got a comfy cash reserve. 
GROW YOUR MARGINS.  Simpler, more efficient systems & business processes mean more margin, both time & profit. 

How it Works

Virtual CFO Intensive


Pick Your Focus. Before your intensive, we’ll determine the best focus for our time together based on your current challenges and goals. You can choose to focus on your finances or your capacity & efficiency.


Get the Details Down. Before the intensive, you’ll fill out a questionnaire that tells me about you and your business - your goals, what’s working, and what’s not. That way, we spend our time together solving problems, not wasting time going over the basics.


Get Together. We’ll spend two hours together on a private video call, troubleshooting what’s not working, and creating solutions that are designed to help you understand exactly what you need to do next to grow your business from a place of purpose, not panic. 


Take Action. For one week, post-intensive, I’ll be here to support you as you implement the plan. Ask all the questions you need. Need a resource or a tool? I’ll provide it. If you get stuck or overwhelmed, we’ll work through it together.
This has been an AMAZING experience. I am SO FREAKIN THANKFUL that I found Susan and had her do this. I feel so relieved that this is all in order. I feel completely empowered over my books and my numbers for the first time in YEARS despite my obsession with excel sheets and tracking numbers.
Pia Silva
Badass Your Brand + Worstofall Design


While I’d argue that finally getting a solid grip on your small business finances and accounting is priceless, I understand that prices are, in fact, important.

My long-term clients invest between $30k and $50k for me to help them tackle their finances and operations strategy. You won’t spend nearly as much to get the same experience when you sign up for an intensive.

Your Investment


Susan has a very authentic way to work. No bullshit and I really appreciate that. She offers data and solutions up the way they should be offered up. So black and white, just really clean information, straight to the point, it's not candy-coated.
Chris Strompolos
Fanology Social

Chief Financial Officer

Why Me?

Short version: I’m a virtual CFO, data geek, and no-bullshit business operations expert. So I don’t just know numbers, I know how to build a lean, automated business that takes all the admin off your plate and gets you the numbers you want to see.

  • I’ve managed annual budgets of $100M+ as a CFO and departments of 370+ people as the head of HR. 
  • I’ve built, researched, and implemented software and other systems for a huge variety of organizations – from the US military to major universities, small retail shops, and marketing agencies.
  • I’ve owned 4 businesses of my own and am intimately familiar with how operations can derail a company or be the secret key to success.
My outsourced CFO services help you do more by making sense of your numbers across your business for a full impact on what it takes to run your business successfully.

Because when you create a solid process, you make the decision once and never have to make it again. The amount of time and mental energy you save is huge. But only if the process is solid — if it’s not, it can actually hinder you and your team.
Seeing through the mess to find order is what I’m best at, and that includes keeping you on track as you grow with virtual CFO services.
I love how Susan just casually throws out an incredibly magical and efficient all-around perfect solution like it’s nothin’
Rachel Jordan
929 Marketing
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